Friday, 11 June 2010

Woop woop world cup

Well at last the day i have been looking forward to so much has arrived. Yes folks its footy fest day one.
Just got to remember that this next four weeks is not an excuse to lie on the sofa, constantly watching the football and snacking.
Exercise has been the secret to my losses so far, yes i have stopped eating the fat laden rubbish that i used to and have moved to the small plate method ( very psychological and it does work). Not that my brain needs much to confuse it these days. I just find the more i move about the more i want to move about.
Week 1 and i could hardly force my lard arse of the chair, I've been at work all day i deserve to spend the night in front of the box"WRONG". It was this lack of movement and snacking that got me into this situation in the first place. So i forced myself into the spare room and sat on the exercise bike. Ten Min's in and i was shattered, my legs had disappeared and my backside hurt so much i felt like i had been sitting on a cactus.
The next day i decided the bike could have a day off. The local supermarket is less than 1/4 of a mile away so i thought i would ditch the car and walk. What a Revelation, i wondered why the good lord had attached two dangley thing to my backside! now i know.
Each week i have either gradually increased my distance or my pace. At the moment (week 8) i normally walk 2 days at medium pace for an hour and 2 days at a fast pace for forty Min's. In between i have been doing some cardio workouts for about 20-30 Min's.
In such a short space of time i can't believe the difference. The human body is a fantastic machine and it very quickly adapts. Now a 30 minute ride on the exercise bike is normal, although my arse still feels numb at the end must get a wider seat lol.
Any way at my Thursday way in this week i had lost another 2 1/2 lbs taking my total to 39lbs.


  1. My iPod's my best mate when i'm out plodding the streets - kept me motivated and measures my runs, have you got one? And have you got a good pair of walking shoes to protect your joints etc? Keep it going Drake.

  2. Don't think i could do it without a bit of rock blasting through my lug holes.
    Thank you my joints are very well protected although i do still get a twinge in my knee where some arse legged me up a few years ago lol.

  3. Keep it up bro, think I will take a leaf out of your book, and exercise a bit more...instead of looking at the treadmill in the folded upright position, I will unfold it and switch it on lol.....keep it up bro, u doin fab xx